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Episode 82

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23rd Nov 2022

How Anyone Can Practice Skills to Be Better At Sales - Jonathan Mahan, Co-Founder, The Practice Lab

Jonathan Mahan is the Co-Founder of The Practice Lab - the first ever training community for sellers ready to develop their skills like athletes, performers, and musicians do theirs. The Practice Lab programs help sales people cut through the clutter of tips and tactics to learn the most impactful core sales behaviors that make selling feel good and net meaningful results and deliberately practice them in a community of people who recognize that experimentation, awkwardness and even failure are vital prerequisites to mastery.

This was a fun episode where we dig into how anyone can practice soft skills in their personal life and also how salespeople can bridge the gap between knowing and doing. We make the point that sales isn't something that you only learn steps to and then can automatically succeed. There are key skills that must be constantly developed, practiced, and applied in order to find continued success. We talk about skills that are not commonly practiced. Things like how to practice curiosity or empathy and the difference between impactful curiosity and where curiosity can miss the mark. If you want to learn sales outside of typical sales steps and find ways to practice it more in casual personal situations, this episode is for you. And if you are in sales and want to really dive into practicing this stuff in a community of sellers, please visit -

Key moments:

05:05 - Patterns, puzzles and the game of human behavior. How Jonathan went from a shy kid to becoming someone who could meet new people easily and get them talking.

24:07 - Practicing genuine curiosity and honing your human skills. How to practice things like curiosity and empathy in personal interactions.

45:41 - What will the world of sales look like in the future bridging the gap btw knowing and doing.

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Stories of Selling Human
We all want to be heard, seen, and understood. This podcast shares stories of how all humans sell just by being great humans.
I believe that all people want to be heard, seen, and understood. But how do we get people to hear, see, and understand us effectively? Salespeople train themselves on techniques to do this but there are people doing it well without the word sales showing up anywhere in their job title or job description. This podcast is designed to help us hone our human skills, understand subtle similarities between non-sales people and salespeople, and show how we can learn from both groups the next time we need to create change and sell by being human.

You will learn from people throughout all walks of life. Nurses, coaches, janitors, event planners, HR executives, and architects. Just to name a few. We'll contrast them with trained sales people to show similarities and differences. There's an art to human connection and sales. We all do it differently and we can all learn from our every day human interactions.

Please contact me and let me know who you see in your life selling by being human! I want to shine a light on them.

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Alex Smith

I've been in professional sales for over 15 years. I was the guy running around in your neighborhood with coupon cards door to door. I've lead full sales cycles involving six figure media partnerships. I love sales and I also love how humans connect. I love fostering connections that make people feel inspired and fulfilled to do their best work. We all sell by being human not despite it. I'm originally from Omaha, NE, and my childhood was always surrounded by people that looked different than me and I was always curious on what their lives where like. The person in my life who was the very best at selling by being human will always be my dad, former one-time insurance salesman, Smithsonian curator, but his true calling was as a lifetime teacher and college history professor. My hero, Dr. Alonzo Smith, PHD.